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Achieving Board Diversity

Board Diversity is an objective of every association to be more inclusive, stay current and plan for the future. It takes time and dedication to achieve the goals of diversification in the boardroom. It requires a willingness review the way your business is run, and who sits on the boardroom, and to consider what can be done to improve it.

Diverse board members with skills, experience and visions that are in line with the future of the company can help the board make better decisions, which improves the efficiency of the company and is beneficial to all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, and communities. Diversity stimulates new ways of thinking and problem solving, creates options and adds value.

When we bring women into a boardroom for instance it provides insight into the tastes and habits of female customers. This perspective helps the board to make decisions that improve products and services, and strengthen relationships with customers. This is why having a properly thought-out diversity strategy is so important for the boardroom.

A variety of academics have claimed that increasing the diversity of the board will expand its knowledge base by providing information that would otherwise go unnoticed by a homogenous board. However the most recent study of board dynamics suggests that diversity in the demographics of board members is not as important as the kinds of experience, expertise and relationships that new directors bring to the table.

Boards can encourage diversity in a variety of ways including setting targets, enlarging the candidate pool and promoting inclusion throughout the company. It is important to establish an appropriate strategy that matches your requirements and culture.

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