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The Bhagalpur museum is one of the most precious museums of India. This is because many artifacts dating back to 6th and 7th century can be found here. Some of the statues are unique in style and nature.Tourists from across various parts visit Bhagalpur for watching these antique possessions. It remains open for general public and is often frequented by students, tourists, researchers and trainee archeologists alike. Bhagalpur itself has an interesting historical background. Once part of Anga Kingdom it founds mention in ancient religious and secular texts.

Museums in Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur Museum that came into being on 11th November, 1976with assortment of artworks and archaeological leftovers is a must visit place in Bhagalpur. Artifacts belonging to different phases of history can be found in Bhagalpur. A good number of them have been collected by the museum authorities for exhibiting as gifted artworks from Satya Bhama Jalan of Patna, Bihar. You can also see the eye-catching ancient idols of various deities excavated from nearby sites. The galleries of the museum also contains scriptures, art works, anthology of manuscripts and more.

Points of Attractions in Bhagalpur Museum

Attractions in Bhagalpur MuseumBuddha: Sultanganj, the place was a centre for spreading Buddhism and this has been easily acknowledged by the archaeological leftovers acquired from the area. The figurine of Buddha in which he is in a circumstance – the fingers of hands are on grip near the upper body in a unique position recognized as revolving the helm of law, which is also identified as Dharamchakrapravartanmudra is an implausible sculpture of art. This idol of Buddha is pertinent to the one collected from the Sarnath. In the stance of the icon, the sculpting of deer is astonishing with the chakra flanked by them.

Statues of Lord Ganesha:
 Collected from Mandar, two wonderful statues of Lord Ganesha catches the eyes and attention of the visitors. The statues are a bit ruined with six hands of Lord Ganesha are noticeable. In the right arm, there is akshay neckline left and the representation of axe is a delicacy. This is a must see ancient statue of the museum.

Idol of Mahishasurmardini: This museum has the magnificent idols of Mahishasurmardini on display. The statue of the Mahishasurmardini showcases skill ancient Indian artists. This is excavated from the Banka region and it has been prepared of black stone.With ten hands most of which are now broken gives fine look to this sculpture.

Idols of Maa Durga: This has been excavated from the area where CMS School Bhagalpur is located. The statue has been named as Chaturbhuj Durga which is found riding on the Lion. As a tourist, you can see Khadag and Dhal as Maa Durga’s weapons observable in her both hands. Almost certainly, it has been assumed that the idol is holding a snake in her left hand and the right hand shows blessings to devotees. This deity is ornamented with arty jewelry and prepared on black stone dates back between 9th century and 10th century.

Idols of Lord Vishnu: Host of idols of Lord Vishnu can be found in this museum. Among these, Varah Vishu and Garuda Vishnu are outstanding creations. As a redeemer of Earth, Vishnu camouflaged as partially Varah and partly human in his Varah Vishnu manifestation. There is mention of Varah avataar in Vishnu Purana . In the shilpratnam, the formation has been defined as the statue of Lord Vishnu’s broad wings, owning massive vertical in contour. One more statue of Sri Vishnu completed with black stone, recognized as chaturbhuji Vishnu, and is exposed with a gada, chakra and shankh, the hand is presenting the padam which is partially broken. The other side of the Vishnu’s deity can be seen with Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati with him. Furthermore, Garuda god can be found there at the base of Lord Vishnu.

Yakshini: There is an incredibly amazing icon of Yakshini is there in the museum which is supposed to be of especially prehistoric time. This statue has been collected from Shahkund which is approximately 30 kilometers far away from main Bhagalpur. The visage is though a bit wrecked of the deity. This is an extraordinarily beautiful and has been made a figure with display right from the breast portion; you can see bangles on wrists and also arms where you can observe the enhancing artworks. This antique statue is an exceedingly important to witness here despite of its imprecise formation.

No doubt today Bhagalpur Museum is one of the most visited site in the region. It is fanous for its collection of art and architecture of the ancient period. It remains open throughout the day and helps in getting a glimpses of the bygone era.