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Due Diligence and Fundraising Processes

Due diligence is an essential element of any fundraising process. It ensures that a company or individual is who they claim to be. are, as well as providing important details about their past as well as their relationships, and helps investors assess your company’s prospects for success before making the decision to invest in your company.

Whether you’re a company seeking investment or hoping to team up with a philanthropic organization, being able to conduct thorough and transparent due diligence is key to your success. Due diligence can be performed from the beginning of the process to eliminate and identify bad partners.

If a donor’s history has been shattered by controversial associations or actions which have been criticized, this could be a reason to reject them. Being able to conduct due diligence on prospective donors in the early stages of the process allows you to find out prior to committing valuable resources to a relationship that might not align with your company’s values or mission.

A good due diligence process is quick, thorough, and well-organized. It should be able to take in massive amounts of public data from different sources–like news media sites social networks, news media sites, and even grey literature–and deliver digestible reports that are easily shared across teams. It should also be able automatically scan millions of documents and present a clear, organized picture of your company that is easy to comprehend and share.

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