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Harnessing Virtual Systems for Your Business

Virtual Systems

Harnessing this transformative technology propels your business to a whole new level of operational efficiency and strategic agility. One Comm’s custom solutions can help you harness virtualization to reduce costs, simplify your IT management, and increase security.

VMs allow you to share a physical server with multiple guest machines, increasing your IT hardware investment while reducing cooling costs and power. They can be easily transferred between servers or even to the cloud which gives engineers more flexibility. This is particularly useful during peak seasons or in disaster recovery situations.

A virtual desktop lets your employees to access the company’s software and data from any device, bringing work to the cloud, enabling remote access and work from home possible. It can be used to test new operating systems in a secure sandboxed environment and create backup images to ensure that you can restore faster if an error or breach occurs.

The speedier and easier deployment of servers and desktop creation allows you to concentrate on moving your business forward, while reducing IT costs. Virtualization lets you make use of pre-configured templates to deploy servers in just minutes instead of weeks or days. This will help you move your business forward with fewer interruptions while safeguarding vital information, protecting revenue and preserving customer trust.

Virtualization can reduce the risk of costly downtime by eliminating the requirement to reboot your entire IT infrastructure when an application is upgraded. It also makes it easier to restore applications from backups in the event of data loss or outage. This robust solution lets your company keep up with market trends without compromising the integrity of your data.

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